Rowan loves… worsted edition

Just a quick one to say how much I love love love this pattern book by Martin Storey for Rowan. As a huge fan of chunky knits I wasn’t sure if this would just sit on my shelf and I’d never get round to actually knitting any of them. So far I’ve knitted the hat, Union, quickly as a present and now I’m on the boxy cardigan, Bergen, yes it should be done in a worsted weight yarn (so slightly thicker than a DK – around 19/20sts) but I had recently just got the years best buy of 20 balls of Colourspun Rowan for a £1 a ball. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!!

So I’m doing the cardigan in one colour way and I’m also not doing the pockets – I just always seem to stretch cardigans out by putting ridiculous stuff in there! The back’s done as well as the left front, but so far I’m really happy with it! The fishermans rib means its going to be so soft and warm.

Updates on when I finish it, which hopefully won’t be too long!


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