Blanket binge…

So I’ve had a busy few weeks, having just been interailing I’ve sorely missed my knitting always being near by. On my return knowing I had 2 weeks before it was my sisters “big” day, I started to freak knowing I had under 2 weeks to knit a blanket! I had prepared a little bit, having bought all the yarns gradually since they announced their engagement, but still it was a daunting task.

They yarns I had been saving up were vital to me, knowing my sister may not necessarily appreciate the actual yarns quite as much as my self, so I went for the colours being the vital thing. Sarah has always loved purples and reds, so this was where my theme began. Having bought out the last of the Riva (Debbie Bliss) chunky yarn had just been discontinued, I started bringing home yarns that colour matched that. The weight of the yarn wasn’t a big issue for me, knowing my pattern is very forgiving and I always like a challenge! Rowan came into play with the also discontinued Angora Haze in a beautiful purple, the very popular Alpaca Merino DK and last but not least Cocoon. All of which were beautiful to work with, and added a lot of the softness to the blanket. By far my most favourite would of course be Colinette’s own Giotto, I’m sure I’ve made it clear my feelings towards Colinette yarns (closed or not), but the shine and texture always adds to anything it’s used in. In this case it looked great as part of the tassels.

The blanket itself was a chevron lace pattern, an old Colinette design. I have knitted it before in the James C Brett marble chunky, just to get to grips with the pattern so once you’ve got the stitches in your head it’s a super easy and quick knit. The pattern has actually got me rather blanket obsessed, I don’t want to knit anything else at the moment, despite having christmas presents to be getting on with.

So 1 week in and I had managed to get it finished, lack of sleep and knitting elbow all had come into play, but I finished it in time for the wedding and if I say so myself I’m so chuffed with it.

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For anyone who’s interested in the pattern or how to do the blanket, just send me a message or comment below and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Happy Knitting…


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