A little about me

So I’m currently an enthusiastic textiles student on a year off! My biggest passion is knitting, I am yarn obsessed. I’m lucky enough to be able to say I adore my job, which is working in a small independent wool shop and gallery, Ippikins. 

Ippikins is definitely one of the aspects that got me into knitting, having been in my local town for 10 years now, yet I can still remember it arriving to our small town. One of the reasons why this particular shop is so important to me is the yarn that’s stocked and the range thats within it. It varies from basic Stylecraft to the luxury hand-dyed Colinette and Fyberspates. The flexibility of what you can create and the adaptable prices in truly inspiring and incredibly fun.

I’ve started this blog just to keep myself and any others who may be interested in the new yarns I’ve come across, or even the good old traditional yarns. Knitting isn’t my only interest with craft and design, so there will be plenty for all the fellow craft addicts, from millinery, sewing and art.

For those who are interested a bit more in what I actually create and knit you can have a nosey on my craft based instagram account that I have recently set up.



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